You're Not a Sports Bar Without Televisions, Right?

As a sports bar owner or manager paying attention to the details is one of the most important aspects to driving success. How you choose to create just the right atmosphere for your patrons/sports fans encompasses many things like service, design of your establishment, promotions, lighting, cleanliness, entertainment, and staff. If you overlooked even something as simple as one of your flat screen TVs being out during a game, the reputation you worked so hard to build can end up be damaged forever!

Consider this, the various social media platforms available today… then consider when someone has a bad experience just how many ways that experience can be shared online. The negative impact that can have on your bottom-line can be disastrous!

A sports bar is not a sports bar unless it has enough screens to accommodate all patrons/sports fans making it easy to view and hear their favorite sports game no matter where they are sitting. Without a well thought out integrated audio video system your sports bar will be known as the place not to go… your Yelp reviews will have pages of sports fans ranting about how they couldn’t see or hear the game and before you know it you glory days will be over… as in game over!

Building Value and Creating Loyalty

Have you heard the term go big or go home? Any sports bar owner or manager should fully understand the going big trend. Scoring the loyalty of sports enthusiasts takes more then a dedicated staff and great promotions… how people make buying decisions is based on many things like personal, situational, psychological, and social. Two of the most important factors of influencing consumer behavior to consider when targeting a sports enthusiast are situational factors and social factors… situational factors drive loyalty and social factors drive purchases.

Without getting into the intricacies of consumer behavior and marketing let’s make things simpler. Situational factors are mainly physical. Physical factors that sports bar owners or managers can control include things like layout of the sports bar, lighting, temperature, smells, video, and sound these are known as atmospherics. Strategically speaking making it easy for someone to view and hear a sports game no matter where they are sitting is the key to your success!

Harnessing the Crowd-Drawing Appeal of Sports

Providing the best sports viewing experience is the biggest way to draw the sports fans in… Giving someone the ability to sit anywhere in your establishment and have a perfect view of any game or event will help you create a sports fan destination… one that will not be forgotten! If you are eager to gain, the reputation of being a fan favorite your establishment must have a better than average audio video entertainment system. Things to consider when building a superior integrated audio video system for your sports bar include:

  • Screens
  • Projectors
  • Displays
  • Control
  • Integration­­
  • Indoor and Outdoor

How to Create a Sport’s Fan Destination

Great Viewing and Listening Experience from Any Seat

The sporting events shown on the screens in a sports bar is one of the main attractions. While there is nothing better than being at the game, being a sports bar owner or manager you want to come as close as possible to replicating the experience. To get a better understanding of your situation contact SportsBar TV Systems- We specialize in custom turnkey solutions for every sports bar size and layout… It’s Not When It’s On, Its Where It’s On! 

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