• Keep Them Cheering!
    Keep Them Cheering! SportsBar-TV Systems Makes it EASY and Affordable to give your patrons something to keep CHEERING About!
  • Give Them CHOICE!
    Give Them CHOICE! Why make everyone watch the SAME game? In a Multi-Screen Environment like yours, Your Patrons EXPECT CHOICE! Give it to them!
  • Easy TV Wall
    Easy TV Wall SportsBar-TV Systems makes it EASY to take control of all the streams on your TV Wall at the same time with just one device.
  • Our Moto is Our Life!
    Our Moto is Our Life! At SportsBar-TV Systems, "It's Not IF It's On, It's WHERE It's On!" is so much more than just a motto, It's what guides us every day!

King 356

The king of the jungle shares thoughts on controlling televisions in bars and restaurants.

He tells where you can get an affordable TV control system for your sports bar. Bar and restaurant owners take a minute and listen to what the king has to say about controlling your multiple TV systems, TV walls and other audio video equipment with one pad or touch screen from Sports Bar TV Systems.

Easy Choice To Make!

Essentially there are 2 choices facing establishments
SportsBar-TV Systems Makes it an EASY choice!

SportsBar-TV Systems don't require multiple remotesOne choice is to use a separate Set-Top-Box (STB) for each TV and pay the Satellite or Cable company for EACH one. Commercial fees can exceed $20 for every TV, EVERY MONTH!  The STB solution will also NOT allow for any local content (DVD's, BluRays, VCRs or Cameras), instead, every TV MUST show either Cable Company or Satellite Content, control can only be done by walking to each TV and carefully pointing a remote.

SportsBar-TV Systems use a single touchscreen control panel

The BETTER choice is a Matrix Switch & Touch panel Solution. This allows you to pay monthly fees on fewer receivers and you can now switch any source to any combination of TV's, you only need pay for the number of SEPARATE program sources you need.  Seriously, how many different Football games can you really show at one time? The Matrix also allows you to intermix local content easily such as DVD's, BluRay Disc's, Local Cameras, Computers or Advertisement.  Our SB-Touch Panel controller allows you to control both the Matrix switch AND the source box's channel selections as well as control from anywhere using an iPad or Tablet as well.

SportsBar-TV Systems Has the Easiest to use TouchScreen Controls Available!

Every TV in your establishment is displayed in it's exact location on the floorplan of our Crestron TouchScreen control system.  

Attendants can easily change content to any TV by simply touching the location of the screen they want to control.

Easy as 1-2-3!

TV Wall Controller 300

SportsBar-TV Systems Products

Cat5 HDMI Matrix System

Cat5 HDMI Matrix System
Our most popular system is our, HDMI HD 1080p Video over Cat5 wiring system which includes the SB-Touch v2 Controller and all interconnect cables (except the Cat5 to the TV's).  The basic system is 8 sources to 16 TVs and can be scaled to any size by adding more receivers, source converters or additional switches (each switch supports 48 additional ports).  Audio is delivered to each TV and zoned audio...
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TV Walls Explained

TV Walls Explained
Have you ever wanted to watch more than one TV program or sports game at once? A low-budget solution may be the TV’s picture-in-picture feature, but that’s clunky and not nearly big enough to enjoy programs properly - especially in a public environment such as a SportsBar, Bowling Alley, or Restaurant.
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TV Walls Made Easy and Inexpensive!

TV Walls Made Easy and Inexpensive!
    Introducing the SBTV1825 TV Wall Controller, the ultimate lowest cost modular solution for creating large-scale video walls with your regular TV displays! This compact and easy-to-use controller allows you to connect multiple TV displays and arrange them in a seamless grid to create a single large display. With the SBTV1825 TV Wall Controller, you can create video walls of any size, limited only by the number of displays you have available. The controller supports multiple input...
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