Our Mission

Sportsbar TV Systems is a division of Jmayes Enterprises LLC based near Knoxville, TN.  

After pioneering many X10 based Home Automation devices in the 90's it became necessary to utilize Matrix Switchers into larger homes for our automation systems.  This led to a refurbishing business specializing in "Autopatch" Switchers (See our sister website Autopatch4less.com).  Over the years Autopatch was sold first to AMX (A High-End Automation Company), then AMX to Harmon (of Harman Kardon) then finally to Samsung.  Along the way, the switchers became bigger and bigger then home installs turned into business installs, mainly Sports Bars, Bowling Alleys, and Restaurants.  

In keeping step with our business growth we developed the SB-Touch Touch Panel system which is specifically tailored to the Bar and Restaurant industry.  Because of our skills of refurbishing equipment, our system became the lowest cost multi-screen HDTV system available.  (Brand new systems can cost as much as 400% more).  

Now in addition to the Refurbished Component HDTV systems, we offer HDMI Digital A/V systems which utilize new components. Of course, the Controller is still refurbished to greatly save cost.

You needn't worry or have any concerns about buying our refurbished equipment.  We offer a 5-year unconditional warranty - which is the best warranty in the business!

With hundreds of systems sold and 100% uptime, we can not be beaten on quality, functionality or cost.

Let us help you find an installer in your area and put the most cost effective MULTI-TV system in your establishment today!   Contact Us

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