We have been selling and servicing large Matrix Switchers for over 10 years and our SB-Touch Touch Panel Controller is now in its 6th year since it's introduction.  With all this experience we are proud to offer the best warranty in the industry of 5 years on all refurbished items and 1 year on new items.  We even pay all shipping for the first 6 months!  This is unheard of in the industry of Multi TV Control Systems.  

How can we support such a bold warranty?  It's easy when you use only the best American made components such as Autopatch, AMX, Crestron, Dell & Cisco.  We only pick equipment that was made to last a lifetime, not just a few years (or months) like most new equipment.  Our on-staff engineers (not just techs) identify what components need to be replaced BEFORE redeploying any piece of equipment.

The goal is that ALL of our systems will last a minimum of 5 years with no issues and our warranty now backs up that statement.

Our policy is NOT to make money on repairs but to get any issue resolved as fast as possible.

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