Welcome Equipment Dealers & Installers

Our philosophy has always inspired a strong focus on the customer and with the establishment of each new installer in our program; our goal is to develop long-term relationships with individuals and/or companies that share our commitment to both the customer and the communities in which they reside.

For more information to sign up as an installer with our company where you can then enjoy many of the benefits we offer our loyal installers please fill out the Application Form and someone from our dealer program will be in contact.


  • Discounted pricing after your first Switcher purchase with SBtouch
  • Free Membership as long as you purchase two or more systems a year
  • Offer 5-year Performance Warranty (Minus shipping after the first 6 months)
  • Sales Promotions
  • Priority Tech Support
  • Addition to our list of recommended installers

Become a Dealer for SportsBar-TV Systems

If you are interested in becoming a Dealer for SportsBar-TV Systems, Please fill out the application to apply for a Dealer Account.


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