Audio Systems

Our CAT5 digital HDMI system automatically forwards audio to each TV but for many establishments zoned audio is preferred (Bar, Dining, Restrooms, Patio, etc).   Using our SB-Touch controller and an additional audio switch or multi-zone system, audio control is as easy as the Video control.  With our "Audio to Zone" feature, all you have to do is pick a TV and touch one button to make your preferred zone play that TV's audio.  In addition, there is a comprehensive audio selection and volume screen so you can tailor the exact settings needed for every zone in your business.  Tone control (If available on the equipment) is kept safely away in the password protected setup section of the Touch panel.

Our SB-Touch controls most popular audio systems such as DBX & Yamaha for zoned audio; we also can supply Autopatch or Crestron audio switching with Tone & Volume control.  

Our most popular audio add-on allows one digital source (any of the HDMI sources are selectable) and 3 analog sources over 4 zones (bar,dining, entrance, etc).  Each zone is controlled via the Touch panel for Volume and source selection.  The 1/digital 3/analog - 4/zone system only requires raw amplifiers as tone and volume are included.  Additional units can be stacked to add multiples of four zones to the establishment.  Should you need more source flexibility or zones then an Autopatch 8x8 or 18x18 DSP audio switch can be utilized. 

Audio 'Ducking' is available (where you push to talk on the mic and (pre-selected) zones automatically go to that mic, then back to the original program when you let go of the button).   IE: for announcements or "your table is ready" usage.

SportsBar-TV Systems Products

Cat5 HDMI Matrix System

Cat5 HDMI Matrix System Cat5 HDMI Matrix System
Our most popular system is our, HDMI HD 1080p Video over Cat5 wiring system which includes the SB-Touch v3 Controller and all interconnect cables (except the Cat5 to the TV's).  The basic system is 8 sources to 16 TVs and can be scaled to any size by adding more receivers, source converters or additional switches (each switch supports 48 additional ports).  Audio is delivered to each TV and zoned audio...
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TV Walls Explained

TV Walls Explained
Have you ever wanted to watch more than one TV program or sports game at once? A low-budget solution may be the TV’s picture-in-picture feature, but that’s clunky and not nearly big enough to enjoy programs properly - especially in a public environment such as a SportsBar, Bowling Alley, or Restaurant.
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TV Walls Made Easy and Inexpensive!

TV Walls Made Easy and Inexpensive!
    Introducing the SBTV1825 TV Wall Controller, the ultimate lowest cost modular solution for creating large-scale video walls with your regular TV displays! This compact and easy-to-use controller allows you to connect multiple TV displays and arrange them in a seamless grid to create a single large display. With the SBTV1825 TV Wall Controller, you can create video walls of any size, limited only by the number of displays you have available. The controller supports multiple input...
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System Features

  • Elegant pedestal Touch Panel
    (Wall mount optional)
  • Easy control of any number of TV's
  • Move programs between TV's with only 3 keystrokes!
  • Database keeps track of each TV's source connection
  • iPad/Android/PC control from anywhere!
  • Audio Zone(s) Control available
  • DMX Lighting Control available
  • Channel Presets with Icons
  • Interfaces with all popular matrix switching systems
  • Perfect solution for Bars, Restaurants, Bowling Alleys, etc.
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