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SportsBar-TV Systems is now proud to announce our exclusive inexpensive solution to adding Text and Graphics to your TV's.  The TV your patron is currently watching in your SportsBar, Restaraunt, or Bowling Alley is the BEST place to put announcements or advertising! 

Standard Signs or Dedicated Signage TVs all require the patron to turn their head to look and take over an entire TV that could be used to show another game or program.  Remember, your patron's eyes are going to be trained on the TVs that are showing the big game, why not take advantage of that?  

Now with an easy addition, any source can have Text, Sports/News Tickers or a Custom graphics overlay on or around the TV's programming.  This puts your message right square in front of your patrons eyes.  Drink specials, your dining menu, nightly entertainment, just to name a few.  Imagine having a mouth watering picture of your Wings or a featured drink showing right next to the game. Get the picture??

The system works by adding a separate unit to each source, if you want ADs on ALL of your TV's then you will need one for each source.  

For the ultimate professional look and feel for your ADs, we have a team of graphic professionals that can dynamically update your graphics remotely as much as needed for a nominal monthly fee.  Just send an email with your changes or requirements and our team will have it on your TVs right away.  

We can also display any live web page as well; which makes in-house changes easy, just change the web page content and the info on the TV will change as well. This is a one-time setup option, which will use a live web page pane for your staff to put updates in; and no monthly subscription would be necessary.

Either option you choose will get your message directly in front of your patron's eyes, and you'll make lots more sales as a result!

SportsBar-TV Systems Products

Cat5 HDMI Matrix System

Cat5 HDMI Matrix System Cat5 HDMI Matrix System
Our most popular system is our, HDMI HD 1080p Video over Cat5 wiring system which includes the SB-Touch v3 Controller and all interconnect cables (except the Cat5 to the TV's).  The basic system is 8 sources to 16 TVs and can be scaled to any size by adding more receivers, source converters or additional switches (each switch supports 48 additional ports).  Audio is delivered to each TV and zoned audio...
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TV Walls Explained

TV Walls Explained
Have you ever wanted to watch more than one TV program or sports game at once? A low-budget solution may be the TV’s picture-in-picture feature, but that’s clunky and not nearly big enough to enjoy programs properly - especially in a public environment such as a SportsBar, Bowling Alley, or Restaurant.
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TV Walls Made Easy and Inexpensive!

TV Walls Made Easy and Inexpensive!
    Introducing the SBTV1825 TV Wall Controller, the ultimate lowest cost modular solution for creating large-scale video walls with your regular TV displays! This compact and easy-to-use controller allows you to connect multiple TV displays and arrange them in a seamless grid to create a single large display. With the SBTV1825 TV Wall Controller, you can create video walls of any size, limited only by the number of displays you have available. The controller supports multiple input...
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System Features

  • Elegant pedestal Touch Panel
    (Wall mount optional)
  • Easy control of any number of TV's
  • Move programs between TV's with only 3 keystrokes!
  • Database keeps track of each TV's source connection
  • iPad/Android/PC control from anywhere!
  • Audio Zone(s) Control available
  • DMX Lighting Control available
  • Channel Presets with Icons
  • Interfaces with all popular matrix switching systems
  • Perfect solution for Bars, Restaurants, Bowling Alleys, etc.
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